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R & D Center


R & D Center

Bismak increases its R&D studies on new products and system solutions in its sector day by day. It continues its R&D studies especially on snack product production line systems.
Our company, which develops its own technology and can stand out in international competition in its sector, handles R&D as a part of its strategy. The company's vision of "Respecting the World and Be Respected by The World" constitutes the essence of its R&D work.
In this context, products suitable for target markets are supported with competitive technologies, optimized design, saving systems and environmentally friendly approaches.
R&D agenda, in line with "company vision"; It can be summarized as designing and producing easily affordable products and systems that respect the environment, support the comfort and economy of the consumer, meet today's and future needs, comply with standards, make a difference in competition.
Our company continues to invest in research, technology, product and system development activities.
Equipped with innovative technologies, Bismak, which has the awareness of R & D, has achieved many firsts by using advanced technology in the wafer, chocolate wafer, nougat caramel and croquant production lines; It will continue to offer its consumers environmentally friendly products and systems with new and advanced features.

The Features That We Are Working On:

Increasing Production Capacity
Natural gas and electricity consumption data
The ease of use
Low Maintenance
Safety and security
Food compability